Do you think being an emt and transitioning in the emt field will be difficult though?

Of course. Nothing is easy. I’m hoping to start transitioning prior to starting a career and legally changing my gender marker as soon as I can. I checked with the city I want to work with and they have anti-discrimination laws against sex and gender. If there is a problem, I would take legal action.

  • Detour. #nature #river #adventuretime

  • Whoops you're my friend now.

    I’m perfectly fine with this :P

    I live in Olympia :D

    Nice! I’m in Bellingham.

    Exactly what it is,.... If you watched the hobbit about two weeks ago that Is where I saw u... Unless there is another woman with a huge Mohawk out there.:p.

    Uh, no… I haven’t been to see the Hobbit.

    i ask because you look familiar, i go to whatcom but im on the campus of western a lot

    Ah. I am usually known for my mohawk and giant water bottle haha

    Do you have a facebook??

    I do, but I only friend people I have met.

    How many years do you have left a western??

    I am in the middle of my sophomore year at Western.

    How to you like Western? I'm applying there for fall of 2013! I've heard tons of great things about it.

    Western is terrific! It’s just the right size and the community is very welcoming and friendly. It doesn’t take long to find your niche.

    Do you live here in Bellingham?

    I do live in Bellingham and go to Western.

    ohhhhhhh i miss you.

    Why are you all the way in Portland? That is not okay :/